PSI:Biology Profile Archive

Nucleocytoplasmic Transport: A Target for Cellular Control

Studying Traffic Control in the Nucleus


NPCXtals, a PSI:Biology High-Throughput Enabled Partnership, studies the fundamental mechanisms of nucleocytoplasmic transport.

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Chaperone-Enabled Studies of Epigenetic Regulation Enzymes

Collaboration is the Key to Success


CEBS, a PSI:Biology High-Throughput Enabled Partnership, relies on international collaborations to study epigenetic regulation enzymes using synthetic antibodies.

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PSI:Biology-Materials Repository

Keeping the Wheels of Structure Determination in Motion

PSI:Biology-MR Logo

The PSI:Biology-MR is a repository of vectors and plasmids that have been developed during PSI. The materials are maintained and distributed by a multidisciplinary team at Arizona State University.

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Mitochondrial Protein Partnership

Elucidating the Role of Mitochondrial Proteins in Human Health and Disease


The PSI:Biology High-Throughput Enabled Biology Partner, MPP is a multidisciplinary team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison dedicated to uncovering the role of mitochondrial proteins in human health & disease through collaborations with members of the mitochondrial research community & the NESG.

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Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium

Dedicated to Transforming Structural Biology Through Community Outreach and Education

NESG NESG, a PSI:Biology High-Throughput Center, is an international collaboration that has established NESG NMR Wiki, a major community outreach effort and internal organization tool, while continuing to enrich their cancer systems biology project, the Human Cancer Protein Interaction Network.

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Membrane Protein Structures by Solution NMR

Paving the Way for High-Throughput Membrane Protein Structure Determination

MPSbyNMR One of the main objectives of the PSI:Biology Center for Membrane Protein Structure Determination, MPSbyNMR, is to establish an NMR toolkit that has the capacity for high-throughput production of membrane protein structures.

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